“The name is Bond, James Bond”

Possibly the most famous movie line ever, James Bond has been an icon for 5 decades. Played by 6 different actors over the years, Daniel Craig is the newest addition to this brotherhood. Skyfall is his third film as the charismatic MI6 agent James Bond, which was released in cinemas today.

In this new addition to the Bond series, 007 comes back from the dead, and he’s donning a pair of Dents leather gloves. Dents crafted the black gloves specifically for Daniel Craig to wear in Skyfall. Keeping his trigger finger nice and toasty whilst climbing around on rooftops, you can see Bond wearing the gloves in the publicity shots. He is wearing said gloves in the Shanghai airport scene and on the London roof top.

Bond is renowned for his impeccable sense of style, with many gentlemen striving to get the legendary look. Whether you’re a collector of Bond memorabilia or just looking to get that 007 style, you can now purchase your very own pair of ‘James Bond’ gloves. The very same design worn by Daniel Craig is now available on our website.


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