Our James Bond gloves have always been firm favourites of our customers, with Dents providing gloves to Daniel Craig for both Skyfall and Spectre films.

Our ‘Fleming’ gloves appear during the funeral in Rome, and a driving scene at the end of the Spectre film.

Here at Dents, we pride ourselves in not only the detailing of our gloves, but the functionality. Our ‘Fleming’ gloves are a firm favourite for Bond fans and customers alike. The machine stitched points on the back and perforated detailing offer a decorative, yet practical element, allowing the glove to breathe.

Our ‘Bond’ gloves can also be seen during the London rooftop and Shanghai scenes in the Skyfall film.

A fan favourite, our ‘Bond’ gloves, worn by Daniel Craig in the 2012 film ‘Skyfall’ are made unlined for a closer fit. The classic hairsheep leather make them the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Don’t believe me? The reviews speak for themselves!

Treat your family and friends to the Bond experience, this Christmas, with our beautifully made ‘Fleming’ and ‘Bond’ gloves: The very same designs worn by Daniel Craig are available on our website.


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