It can be so easy to stick with the same shades season after season. Relying on old favourites to define your cold weather look. But this year, there are some exciting colours ready to add a fun freshness to your winter wardrobe. Step this way as we rundown the three hottest catwalk-inspired colour trends that you need to know this season.

Fiery red

Red is the stand-out shade for autumn/winter 2024. It’s worn bright and bold, energetic and unapologetic – a true style statement for confident dressers. We’ve introduced a range of new vibrant red accessories to tap into this trend, including Yasmin, a women’s winter warmer with cosy faux fur lining. Trending favourites include Felicity, a bestseller with a silk lining that works for all seasons and Woburn, a men’s driving glove made in Britain by our skilled craftspeople. Rev up that red!

Items featured:

1. Yasmin | Women’s Touchscreen Faux Fur-Lined Leather Gloves with Zip in Berry

2. Woburn | Men's Heritage Two-Colour Leather Driving Gloves in Black/ Fireball

3. Felicity | Women's Three-Point Silk-Lined Leather Gloves in Berry

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Versatile grey

Grey is often a winter favourite, but sometimes a little overlooked. Not this year. Grey is now taking centre stage, enjoying the style spotlight with its impressive versatility. Wear it smart for days at the office or casual for weekends; opt for darker tones or lighter silver shades; enjoy as a single piece or saturate your style with it. Grey works brilliantly for men’s and women’s wear and we’ve introduced a number of new styles to help you get into the grey groove. There’s Amesbury, our charcoal flannel-backed leather gloves for men seen here with Durleigh, our grey tweed newsboy cap and our women’s dove grey faux suede gloves with trim and bow. Complete the look with a cosy scarf, such as our plaid scarf in slate grey with checks of warm orange. Now’s definitely the time to get into grey. 

Items featured:

4. Amesbury | Men’s Touchscreen Flannel and Leather Gloves in Charcoal/ Black Men's Abraham Moon Herringbone Tweed Flat Cap in Charcoal

5. Women’s Touchscreen Velour-Lined Faux Suede Gloves with Contrast Trim and Bow in Dove Grey/ Black

6. Women’s Plaid Check Scarf with Fringe Ends

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Pretty in pink

Pink was a sizzling sensation thanks to the ‘Barbie’ movie and Barbiecore is still strong going into autumn/winter. The pinks are hot and vibrant, and like red, there’s no missing them with their full-on flirty attitude. To celebrate this, we’ve introduced a number of new pretty-in-pink styles. Check out our fuchsia knitted gloves and bobble hat with dogtooth pattern and Mia, our popular, above-elbow leather gloves have also been updated to include a sweet shade of sorbet pink. And there’s always Emma – the ever-popular leather glove in hot pink. We just know Barbie would approve! 

Items featured:

7. Women’s Jacquard Knitted Gloves and Bobble Hat with Dogtooth Pattern in Fuchsia/ Black

8. Mia Women's Single-Point Long Above-Elbow Leather Gloves in Sorbet

9. Emma | Women's Three-Point Leather Gloves in Hot Pink

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