Looking to buy your first driving gloves? Or maybe you’re looking for a new upgrade on an existing pair? Our expert advice is here with everything you need to know about driving gloves to help you find the right ones for you.

Young man wearing red fingerless driving gloves looking inside his car boot

What are driving gloves?

Driving gloves are gloves designed to be worn when driving. Also known as car gloves, they’re different to regular gloves in a number of ways. Normal gloves are usually worn to keep hands warm in cold weather, and while driving gloves can do this (more on that later), they were created to help when handling a car.

What do driving gloves look like?

Driving gloves are easy to spot due to some very distinctive qualities. They are made from soft leather that comfortably stretches with the movement of the hand. This leather is tight fitting, almost a second skin as there is usually no lining. This increases sensitivity to the steering wheel when driving.

Other common features include an open back design, known as a keyhole back or cut-out back. This, along with knuckle holes and perforated finger holes, enables ventilation and flexibility. Driving gloves often feature a wrist strap with stud fastener to keep the glove securely in place and are short in length to keep from snagging on anything for maximum freedom of movement.

Driving gloves can be full fingered or fingerless (half-fingered) and traditional styles might include a knitted crochet-back – perfect for wearing when driving a classic car.

Young woman wearing black leather driving gloves leaning on the bonnet of a classic car

Why wear driving gloves?

Driving gloves were first introduced in the 1890s and back then it was all about function. They protected hands when cars didn’t offer the comfort, warmth and cleanliness they enjoy today. For the modern driver, there are a range of benefits to donning a pair of car gloves.

Driving gloves offer…

Extra grip

No need to worry about your hand slipping as you steer with driving gloves. They offer superior grip, as evidenced by them being worn by all motor racing drivers. This can be especially helpful to combat sweaty palms in the heat of summer.


Say goodbye to cold hands when driving with a pair of driving gloves. The leather might be thin but it definitely helps keep the cold at bay on winter mornings.


The gentle padding of the gloves provides extra cushioning for comfortable steering. This helps reduce hand fatigue which can be caused by the vibrations of the car and straining for grip. These are often experienced when long distance driving or driving a car without power steering, making driving gloves ideal if taking a road trip or driving a classic car.

Car protection

Keep your steering wheel and gear stick pristine by wearing driving gloves. The gloves prevent the natural sweat and oils of your hand being transmitted to the car, as well as minimising friction damage. Especially important for drivers with leather or wooden steering wheels.

A pair of women's black fingerless driving gloves inside a classic car

Heat protection

Steering wheels can become hot to touch during summer weather. Protect your hands from the intense heat with driving gloves.

Temperature regulation

As well as warming cold hands, driving gloves can help cool hot hands. The holes offer ventilation which enables a continuous flow of air, helping minimise sweating.

Sun protection

Shield hands from intense summer sun with car gloves. A practical and stylish alternative to sun gloves (also known as UV gloves). Perfect for drivers of convertibles.


Driving gloves add instant polish to your driving look. They come in a variety of styles and shades so there’s one for everyone. Choose one to match with your car’s interior for a coordinated approach or be more fashion-forward and look for ones in bright or multi-colour designs.

The fashion credentials of driving gloves have upped in recent years with Hollywood tapping into the trend. Think Ryan Gosling in ‘Drive’ or Lily Collins in ‘Emily in Paris’. And of course, our Fleming men’s driving gloves were worn by Daniel Craig in ‘Spectre’ and our Lashana women’s fingerless driving gloves were worn by Lashana Lynch in ‘No Time to Die’.

A pair of men's green and grey leather driving gloves draped over a steering wheel

How to choose the right driving gloves for you

There are few important things to consider when shopping for driving gloves.

Do you want to use your mobile phone when wearing your gloves?

If so, look for touchscreen driving gloves. The leather is treated with touchscreen technology making your gloves phone-friendly. This means you don’t need to remove your gloves to easily use your mobile phone (but don’t use when driving!) Alternatively, you could opt for fingerless styles.

Do you want full-fingered or fingerless driving gloves?

Fingerless gloves are cut off at the knuckle and so offer extra flexibility and easy phone use. But with less coverage, they won’t warm the ends of your fingers.

What look do you want?

Explore the style options available when browsing driving gloves. Go classic with a crochet-back or more modern with colour-contrasting details. Handsewn options give a truly unique look, while other fashionable touches might include a wristwatch cut-out (an oversized keyhole back to accommodate your wristwatch).

What size of glove do you wear?

Lastly, the most important. Accurately measuring your glove size is key when looking for any type of glove, but is critical for driving gloves. Buy the wrong size and the glove won’t hug your skin the way it should to provide the grip you need. Always take the time to measure your hand properly and shop for the right size.

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