Have you asked your dad what gift he wants for Father’s Day? The chances are he’s going to reply with “nothing” more than once. The truth is dads are hard to buy for. They don’t make endless wish lists or generally say they want something. So, instead of scouring the web or walking around the high street looking for the same functional and practical present, why not give your father a special and extraordinary gift they aren’t expecting?

To help, we’ve created a Father’s Day Gift Guide to find that perfect luxurious gift for your dad. No matter if he’s fashion-loving, car-obsessed or simply in need of a new accessory, we’ve got you covered with our Father’s Day gift ideas. You can thank us later.  

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For Dads who love driving or autosport… Driving Gloves

Unless he’s a serious car fanatic, chances are he doesn’t own a pair of driving gloves (and if he does, why not treat him to a new pair?). There are so many benefits to driving gloves, and we’ve been making them for generations so we know a thing or two about them.

They help prevent hands from slipping on the steering wheel; can warm cold fingers when the temperature drops and all while looking incredibly stylish. They might not be something that your dad might buy for himself, making them a perfect luxury Father’s Day gift. 

(from left to right)

  1. Delta - $159.95 - Our signature pair of driving gloves and a year-long bestseller, the Delta boasts over 200 5 star customer reviews.  
  2. Winchester - $279.95 -  It’s all about the finer details with hand-sewn contrast stitching, knuckle holes and keyhole back. The Winchester is made from deerskin leather giving it that strength and elasticity but with a more rugged appearance - perfect for a casual look.  
  3. Silverstone - $189.95 - For a modern and sleek style, our touchscreen gloves are the perfect present. Practical and good-looking, what more do you need? 
  4. Griffin - $219.95 - A striking fashion statement with two contrasting colour designs. Your dad will enjoy a closer fit and a better grip on the steering wheel with no lining.
  5. Aberdeen - $189.95 - A classic driving glove with a pop of vibrant colour to spice up any outfit. 

Top tip: Choose a pair of driving gloves that match your father’s car interior for an extra thoughtful touch.

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For Dads who are on the go… Leather Wallets

A staple accessory. No man is without a quality leather wallet and Father’s Day is an ideal time to upgrade a well-loved wallet. Alternatively, if your dad loves his current one, opt for a cardholder - a great way to slim down your wallet. 

Is he worried about card and identity thieves? We offer a range of wallets with RFID blocking protection for extra security. And for that extra special touch, look for the option to personalise one of our selected wallets to make his truly unique.  

(from left to right)

  1. Derwent Billfold Wallet - $89.95 - An essential accessory for any dad about town. With protective RFID shield, your cards will be safe. As long as you remember where you leave it. 
  2. Spey Magic Wallet - $59.95 - Compact and practical, your dad will no longer have to worry about unsightly bulging pockets. 
  3. Two Colour Billfold Wallet - $119.95 - Our Suited Racer x Dents Billfold Wallet is ideal for dads who want to take fashion risks. 
  4. Tamar Passport Holder - $79.95 - With the welcome return of international travel, your father no longer needs to worry about flashing a dusty old passport. Instead, he can proudly show it off in a stylish passport holder. 
  5. Kensley Coat Wallet - $109.95 - With a grand total of 14 card pockets there’s no doubt your dad will be able to fit all his credit, membership and loyalty cards in this one. 

Top tip: Help your dad match his wallet to his gloves. Our Kensley collection interior colours perfectly colour match our Aberdeen gloves. 

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For dads who love sleek accessories… Leather Belts

Leather belts are boring, right? Wrong. Ditch the plain belt and go for something with a bit of a flare courtesy of our range of stylish leather belts. Since you can never have enough belts, they’re an amazing way to help your dad spice up his wardrobe - not to mention hold his trousers in place! From more intricate designs to classic favourites, you’ll find one for your dad in our range.

(from left to right)
  1. Smooth Leather Belt - $119.95 - It’s all about the simple things in life like this classy black premium leather belt with a single keeper. This belt suits all as it comes in a range of sizes from S to XXXL.
  2. Elastic Webbing Belt - $79.95 - With a brushed gold colour buckle and a pop of colour, this belt is for the dads who want a bit more excitement in their wardrobe.
  3. Plaited Leather Belt -  $99.95 -  Two tone belt and plaited, this is for dads who want an elevated look but are not yet ready to commit to bold colours. 

Top tip: When choosing a belt, go with contrasting styles. If your dad wears a lot of patterned trousers, a simple leather belt is perfect to tie that outfit together. And for plain trousers, opt for a textured and colourful belt that will add that finishing touch.

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For dads who love outdoor style… Hats

Infinitely stylish and warm in Winter, we believe every dad deserves the delight of a classic hat. Our flat caps are crafted using a Yorkshire tweed by Abraham Moon - perfect for the English gentleman look, whether in the countryside or the city. If flat caps aren’t for your dad, try a knitted hat instead. They’re more casual and are easily pulled on ready for any weather.

(from left to right)

  1. Tweed 8 Piece Cap  - $99.95 - A soft statement piece that is easy to pair with a range of autumn, winter and spring outfits.  
  2. Tweed Driver's Cap -  $99.95 -  Is your dad obsessed with Peaky Blinders? Give your dad a Tommy Shelby makeover. Stick on the boxset and your Father’s Day is sorted. 
  3. Lambswool Knitted Hat - $59.95 - This lambswool knitted hat combines warmth, comfort and adds low-key cool to his outdoor look. 

Top tip: Choose a hat that contrasts with your father’s coat or jacket. Patterns that are too similar will look odd next to each other, so consider a solid colour for one and a pattern for the other. 

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We hope we’ve given you some ideas for gifting this Father’s Day. Please share his reaction with us as he opens his Dents gift box on Sunday 4th September. Share on social and don’t forget to tag us at @dentsgloves. And from all of us here at Dents we want to wish you, and your dad, a perfect Happy Father’s Day! 

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