Here at Dents, we have been keeping hands warm since 1777. 

Ever since the 1700s when John Dent set up his leather glove business from a small wooden house in Worcester, Dents has strived to produce gloves that are a true embodiment of British craftsmanship and luxury.

John Dent
Portrait of John Dent (left) Drawing of Dents' Worcester factory in 1777 (right).

We take a look at Dents through the decades, uncovering newspaper cuttings, photographs and adverts from our very own archives that showcase our continued commitment to producing quality gloves and accessories.

Ever since the motorcar was made accessible to the masses in the 1900s, our men's driving gloves have proven extremely popular for Dents' customers. As the below 1920s newspaper cutting implies, our driving gloves' 'deliciously cosy, but smart and light' qualities made them ideal 'for the open air.' During the 1900s, the practical attributes of a driving glove, to keep drivers' hands warm and protect them from the wooden veneers on steering wheels, was paramount. 

Dents' driving gloves
1923 newspaper advertisement. Image source: Alamy stock photo (left), 1950s/60s photograph showcasing our women's driving gloves (right).

Today, with our heated cars and seats, protecting hands from the elements is perhaps less of a concern for drivers. We do however, continue to pride ourselves on producing driving gloves that are both comfortable and stylish. Our Men's Delta driving glove has in recent years, proven to be a firm favourite. The glove comes in an abundance of colours, features perforated detailing and is unlined for a closer fit and better grip. 

Men's Classic Leather Driving Gloves

 Our signature classic Delta driving glove in cork. 

Here at Dents, we have continued to produce gloves to suit every outfit and occasion. Our range of styles and colours means you can find the perfect pair to coordinate with your look. The below 1920s advertisements reinforce this, highlighting our casual, dog walking and occasion women's glove styles. 

1920s Dents advertisement
1920s Advertisements highlighting our women's evening gloves (left) and walking gloves (left). Both sourced from our archive. 

Over the centuries, our gloves have not only been designed to fulfil a purpose, but to also remain on-trend, fashionable accessories. It is perhaps unsurprising then, that they were deemed 'the gloves the models wear' in a 1960s advertisement. 

1960s advertisements
1960s advertisements (left), Issue of Vogue October 1967 (right).

It seems our gloves have continued to be popular amongst celebrities.... 

Celebrities wearing Dents gloves

Cara Delevingne wearing our Evening Spot Devore gloves in the September 2019 issue of Elle (left), Poppy Delevingne wearing our Polly leather gloves, pictured by Elizabeth Saltzman for Jo Malone in November 2019 (right). 

Through recognising the changing needs of our customers throughout the decades, we have been able to produce gloves that remain stylish everyday essentials. We have and will continue, to keep your hands warm and outfits complete.