Styling bridal gloves can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide explores the gloves which we think would work best for 7 popular bridal styles. 


For Traditional Brides

Long satin gloves are the most popular style for traditional brides. Our gloves end at the elbow and are delicately made from silky satin. These help brides to embody the traditional elegance which comes naturally with these gloves. They come in 8 different colourways, with ivory and white being the most popular for traditional brides. Why not add traditional elegance to your wedding by treating yourself to these gloves!


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For Romantic Brides

If delicate, soft and feminine is the vibe you’re going for then our over the elbow, long satin gloves are perfect for you. The silky soft satin helps you to embrace your desired soft, feminine style. With a variety of colours to choose from, ivory and white are the most obvious choice for brides. However, if you wanted to add soft subtle colours to your day, opting for Pewter is perfect for you.



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The Glamorous Bride

For a striking and glamorous look on your wedding day, you need the long ivory feathered satin gloves. These gloves adopt a romantic style and length, then add a bold statement with an ostrich feathered cuff. If making a glamorous statement is for you, then these gloves are the choice to go for. Being EXTRA has never been so easy!

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The Modern Bride

The modern bride adopts the styles of the romantic and traditional brides whilst taking a step towards minimalism. Less is often more. Opting for a sheer fabric gives you less coverage with a more minimal-modern style. Our tulle gloves are the perfect option for the modern bride. Ending just above the elbow provides brides the perfect balance of tradition and romance: The perfect modern medium.

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The Boho Bride

Embracing the elegant, effortless textures of a boho bride can be enhanced with our long lace gloves. The intricate and feminine lace offers brides the perfect balance of a classical bohemian style. Whilst white is the more obvious choice, blush maybe better suited to the brides who really want to stand-out. But either can suit the style perfectly. The choice is simply yours.

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The Vintage Bride

These gloves really fit well for any vintage bride. Our wrist length, matt satin gloves give you the perfect capsule accessory which can be styled towards any era of fashion. Style them down, as a subtle complimentary accessory for 1920s flapper vibes, or style them up with a birdcage veil for 1950s glamour. With the choice of 9 different colours, they are the perfect match for your vintage wedding.

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The Edgy Bride

When a traditional wedding glove just isn’t for you, choose crochet! Our wrist length crochet gloves allow you to take an edgy style to your wedding day. The net style crochet allows brides to opt for a more experimental style, they still having a feminine feel to them. The gloves can be purchased in white, ecru, navy or black giving you the colour option of your choice.

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