From fingerless cycling gloves to waterproof cycling gloves, we’re taking a closer look at our favourite styles which can be used for cycling!

The national lockdown saw a surge in people pushing themselves for a healthy lifestyle. Now that we are out and about, why not take the opportunity to accessorise for your daily commute?


Men’s Cycling Gloves

There’s no reason why men can’t look stylish on their daily commute. Practicality is important too, so here are my top two picks, based on style and practicality, for men’s cycling gloves.



The newest arrival to the men’s collection. Fingerless gloves are the perfect option for cycling. Primarily they are designed to be driving gloves, however, there is no reason why they can’t have a second purpose. The fingerless cut allows for a firm grip on the handlebars and brakes. The keyhole back, perforations, and knuckle holes allow for great ventilation, meaning no more sweaty hands! They are made from hairsheep leather which is favoured for its natural strength and flexible fit. 


They are available in Black and English Tan and, of course, we finished them with a contrasting stitch to give you gentlemen a stylish finish. What more could you possibly want?


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The Ribchester gloves offer gentlemen the ideal accessory for bleak, rainy days. They are made from water-resistant hairsheep leather, allowing you to keep dry on those wet rides. The leather is also touchscreen-friendly, so say goodbye to removing your gloves everytime you need to use your phone! They are finished with a knitted cuff to keep your hands lovely and warm. Perfect for the up-and-coming cold winter months. Purchase them in either black or brown. Practical colours for muddy, wet rides!



Women’s Cycling Gloves

Ladies, it's time to be the best dressed urban cyclist around town. These are my top picks based on style and practicality, with a huge emphasis on style.



Our Lashana gloves are the female version of our Snetterton fingerless men’s gloves.  Although originally designed for driving, these gloves share many great features with cycling gloves! The fingerless finish allows for more movement and dexterity, whilst still protecting the palm of the hand, and the keyhole back, perforations, and knuckle holes allow your hands to keep ventilated when out for a ride. What more could you wish for?


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The Olivia glove is the perfect lightweight option that offers both style and practicality. With a leather back and elastane stretch palm, these gloves offer you the perfect balance of protection, style, and flexibility. This combination offers a tighter fit, allowing you to have stronger control over your handlebars. Perfect, stylish, and practical!