A little knowledge about gloves can go a long way. We’ll be listing the 5 most common glove sins that you may not realise you are committing – from not taking care of your accessory, to using questionable styling techniques – and offer the best solutions for you and your Dents gloves.

1. DON’T put your gloves on, or take them off, the wrong way

Dents gloves can last a very long time, especially if you take note of these simple ways to minimise any wear and tear, stretching, or crumpling. It can be easy to be a little vigorous with them at times, but all comes down to a little bit of glove etiquette…

Bet you didn’t know there’s a certain way to put your gloves on!

DO take care when placing the gloves on your hands and taking them off. As you put them on, they should be folded over the cuff and gently pulled over the hand. The fingers are then smoothed down for a tight fit. To remove the glove, gently pull the top of each finger and thumb, which will allow you to slide the gloves off the hand with ease. If you have a strap on your glove, unpop the fastening first.

According to traditional etiquette, there are circumstances of when you should and shouldn’t wear gloves (even though the idea of glove etiquette might seem a little dated now, but we still think these tips should still be followed in the modern day!):

  • Take your gloves off when shaking hands with a VIP, although you can keep your gloves on for anyone else
  • Place your gloves on your lap at the dinner table, underneath the napkin, and remove the glove upon arrival at a dinner party
  • Make sure you don’t carry your gloves around too often – they are a staple piece in your attire!

2. Don’t stick to the trends & what’s expected

Some traditional uses for gloves have gradually disappeared over time. For example, it would seem overly formal to wear a pair of satin elbow length glove to the theatre these days! Contemporary fashion has thankfully evolved, to make way for new glove styling techniques…

Up until recent years, bright red leather gloves at an awards ceremony would have been unheard of, until Lady Gaga arrived on the scene. The singer/actress, who is known for her extravagant taste in fashion, arrived at 2015’s Oscars in what looked like an oversized  pair of washing up gloves. It’s up for debate whether this extravagant ensemble was a bit over the top, but one thing’s for sure: her individual style definitely caught the attention of the press and internet!

What do you think of this look?

DO add your own style twist to your pair of gloves. Lady Gaga’s way of thinking can apply to today’s fashion: you don’t always have to wear certain gloves for the occasion they were originally intended for. Fashion would be boring if it stuck to the same traditions for years!

Driving gloves are a great example of how you can bend the rules in everyday life. They are no longer seen as restricted to only being worn in the car, which we found out when we asked our Twitter audience how they preferred to wear their driving gloves:

The results were very clear about what you thought!

So most of you think driving gloves can be incorporated into your everyday outfit, just like a regular pair of Dents leather gloves! You can also stand out by choosing a glove that features embellishments, bows, or other defining details that add some personality to your outfit. Ultimately it all comes down to personal taste, but we’d love to know your thoughts on the subject!

 3. DON’T wear gloves in situations where they can get too dirty

No matter how hard anyone tries, nothing can stay pristine forever. Sometimes water damage can get to your well-loved gloves during a rainy day, or unfortunate blemishes can ruin their appearance. Luckily, there are solutions!

There are several ways to keep your gloves in good condition for as long as possible!

DO prevent any chance of marks staining your gloves wherever possible. When they aren’t being worn, gently pull your gloves into shape and lay them flat, then store them in a cool place (like a drawer or your car’s glove box), away from any liquids and dirt. It’s a bonus if you still have a box or packaging that came with your gloves.

If your gloves do need a little TLC, you can follow these tips:

For wet gloves – Smooth them out and allow them to dry naturally in a towel, away from any external heat source, such as a radiator or hair dryer or the sun

For heavy soiling – It’ll be well worth visiting a specialised leather dry cleaner for their services

For light soiling (that hasn’t dried in yet) –

1. Prepare a hand hot solution of soft soap flakes such as “Lux”

2. Gently sponge down the outside leather of the gloves with this solution

3. Try not to saturate the leather and dab off any excess wetness with a clean dry cloth

4. Allow the gloves to dry naturally and do not use any external heat source such as a radiator, hair dryer or the sun

5. As the gloves are drying, wear them several times. This will help to stretch the leather and restore the shape of the gloves to the profile of the hands

You may also use a proprietary leather cleaner or conditioner, but make sure you read the product instructions carefully to check that the product you are using is suitable for your glove leather. They’ll be spick and span in no time!


4. DON’T buy the wrong size

This may sound like a bit of an obvious point, but there’s nothing worse than treating yourself or a loved one to a new pair of gloves, only to find that they are too baggy or tight. It’s worth noting that gloves should be snug at first but have the ability to stretch to fit the hand, within reason. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around a glove that is too big!

You can easily work out your hand size from home, using a tape measure!

DO read our useful sizing guide, which is based on the findings of a Frenchman named Xavier Jouvin. After an incredible 5 years of studying the hand, Jouvin developed this universal hand measuring method, known as ‘Pied de Roi‘, which translates to ‘King’s Foot‘. This process involves measuring around the width of the hand, and many glove manufacturers (including Dents) have adopted this technique. As a result, you should be able to achieve the perfect fit!


5. DON’T match your gloves with the wrong materials

Clashing materials (i.e. too much texture or too much shine in one outfit) is a big no-no for any ensemble. You may be wearing threads with a nice sheen, but with silky smooth leather gloves as well, and you’ll draw too much attention to yourself. On the flip side, a cable knit jumper with a textured or overly patterned pair of fabric gloves may have a rather rugged appearance.

Nubuck and lambskin leather provides a casual country vibe

DO find the balance between the smooth and textured materials in your outfit and gloves. If a key piece in your ensemble has a smooth or shiny effect, opt for gloves with a matt finish, like deerskin or peccary. On the other hand, if you’ve decided to wear a heavily patterned garment such as a tweed jacket, choose a leather that has a smooth surface and some lustre – hairsheep is a good example. For fabrics in the centre of the spectrum, muted nubuck leather provides a good middle ground.

Image credit: The National Wedding Show Catwalk

The same applies to wedding gloves: if you’re a lucky lady who’s tying the knot soon, take note that lace or decorated wedding dresses are enhanced by elegant satin gloves. Silky, minimalist or lightly patterned gowns work best with gorgeous lace gloves.

Have you been committing any of these glove crimes? Let us know if these tips have helped you in the comments below!