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A leather belt makes a special gift, perfect for men of all ages and for all occasions. But buying a belt as a present for someone can be difficult. You don’t want to get the size wrong and replace excitement with disappointment. To help, we have some suggestions on how to ensure a new belt fits flawlessly.

Use their trouser size

If you know their trouser size, simply add two inches (2”) to their trouser size to find their belt size.

For instance, if they wear 34” waist trousers, choose a 36” belt. If they’re likely to wear the belt with jeans or low-rise trousers, add a further 3 or 4” to find their belt size.

Use an existing belt

Can you access one of their current belts? If so, you can easily use this to confirm their belt size.

Use a fabric tape measure to measure their belt from the start of the belt strap to the middle/third hole (most belts have five holes). Note the measurement and use our size chart to confirm their belt size. Be sure to exclude the buckle.

Belt diagram

Belt size chart

31 - 33 79 - 84 S
34 - 36 86 - 91 M
37 - 39 94 - 99 L
40 - 42 102 - 107 XL
43 - 45 109 - 114 XXL
46 - 48 116 - 122 XXXL

Double check that the middle/third hole is the most worn (if visible). If the most-used hole is the first hole (the tightest), consider whether a smaller belt is needed. Likewise, if their favourite hole is the last one (the loosest), a larger belt could be a better fit. The third hole is recommended as the best fit as it offers the most flexibility to tighten or loosen as needed.

Both of these methods fall a little short of measuring the wearer’s waist, which offers the most accurate results – but does spoil the surprise of the gift.

For the perfect finishing touch, present the belt in one of our belt gift boxes.

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