Stirling Moss at Aintree

Racing legend Stirling Moss and his range of Dents driving gloves 

Sir Stirling Moss, OBE, is one the biggest names in the motor racing world, and we have had the honour of collaborating with this British legend on multiple occasions. Moss became a professional driver in 1948 at the age of 18, racing his first car a Cooper 500. The big change came in 1955; when he was signed by Mercedes-Benz and went on to win the British Grand Prix driving for them that year. During his professional racing career he won 212 of the races he entered driving 107 different cars, but he never won a World Championship.  In 1956 at the height of his career, Boulton Brothers Ltd of Wesbury Leigh made Stirling Moss racing gloves; this was the same year he won the Monaco Grand Prix. Boulton Brothers Ltd was acquired by Dents in the early 70s, and thus Dents took on the contract with Moss.

Stirling Moss wearing his crochet back drving gloves in 1956

Image of Moss wearing his crochet back driving gloves in 1956, along with the letters we received from him regarding the collaboration.

Stirling Moss took an early retirement in 1962 after a crash left him in a coma, after this he continued to promote the industry but also focused on his commercial interests which included his family run property business. The Stirling Moss name is still renowned today, and back in the early 90s Dents were contacted by Moss himself regarding his newest enterprise; a driving glove collection. This collection designed by Stirling Moss and made by Dents, was the second range we had made for motor racing enthusiasts (including a range for women – equality for all enthusiasts here!). As you can see this glove moved away from the classic crochet back leather driving glove, and ventured to bright shades of leather in a more dutiable style.

Ladies driving glove from the Stirling Moss collection circa 1974

A ladies driving glove from the Stirling Moss collection circa 1974

And 20-odd years later we still have the collection displayed in our glove museum; along with a replica of the glove he wore back 1956 (I bet the original isn’t this white anymore…). Now in his 80s, Stirling Moss still travels around the world, accompanied by his wife Lady Moss, making appearances at racing events and promoting the industry that he dominated. It’s incredible knowing that Dents have worked with such an icon of British Motor racing, something that is proudly displayed in our museum here at HQ.

Sir Stirling Moss, racing legend

A British legend

Fun Fact – We also made gloves for another racing legend, Jack Brabham, who made his F1 debut in the 1955 British Grand Prix at Aintree – the same race that Stirling Moss won making it his first British Grand Prix win.